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Ordinary Members

R4,960.00 Annually

 Monthly Debit Order Available On Request

Members who reside or work within a radius of 80 kilometres of the club house

Family Members

R995.00 Annually

 Monthly Debit Order Available On Request

Members who are the spouses/partners of Ordinary Members.

Cadet Members

R353.00 Annually

 Monthly Debit Order Available On Request

Members who are under the age of 18 years.

Junior Members

R995.00 Annually

 Monthly Debit Order Available On Request

Members between the ages of 18 & 21 years or who, being over 21, are students at a University, Technikon or other institutions

Intermediate Membership

Between R1,260.00 & R4,846 Annually

(depending on age)

 Monthly Debit Order Available On Request

Young members between the ages of 21 & 32

Absentee Foreign Members

R1,840.00 Annually

 Monthly Debit Order Available On Request

Members who reside outside of South Africa

Absentee Local Members

R2,305.00 Annually

 Monthly Debit Order Available On Request

Members who reside outside a radius of 80 kilometres from the Club

Corporate Members

R10,410.00 Annually

 Monthly Debit Order Available On Request

Business enterprises (minimum of 3 members)

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein contained, no person residing within 15 kilometres of the Club premises shall be eligible as an Honorary or Temporary or Reciprocity Member of the Club except where:

  • Such person holds a public office or is a bona fide candidate for membership or has conferred some special benefit upon the Club: Or
  • By resolution of the Committee such person is allowed the privileges of membership while engaged in any competition.

In the event of a member wishing to pay in installments, the Member shall, prior to the end of July, notify the Club and furnish the Club either with post-dated cheques to cover the outstanding monthly payments, or sign a bank debit order in respect thereof. Debit orders can be arranged through the Membership Secretary.

Members elected to membership during the course of a year will be liable for a pro rata share of the annual subscription as from the first day of the month in which they are elected to membership.

Prospective members are also advised that the membership is automatically cycled each year.

PLEASE NOTE : An additional R120-00 charge will be made for a computerised membership card which allows access to all areas and the Clubhouse as well as members discount rates for the restaurant and the bar.

Sailing, Vessels and Moorings

If you intend berthing a vessel upon RCYC moorings during the period of scrutiny, all related vessel fees will be charged at non-member rates until successful ballot. Applications for Mooring Rights will only be considered upon successful ballot of your membership application.

Please advise the Sailing Department if you are interested in being a crew member on a yacht or if you require any other information regarding racing or cruising activities of the Club.

Any craft introduced to the RCYC must have a valid “Certificate of Fitness”.

Only those members in possession of a SAS Skippers Certificate (Issued by South African Sailing) are permitted to be in command of a boat being taken out to sea. Please communicate with the Club Secretary or SA Sailing regarding information that you may need with respect to the qualifications required.

For further information on Racing and Cruising events, please refer to either to the Club Notice Board, Club web-site ( or contact the Sailing Department.

A New members welcome gathering will be held every second month unless otherwise stated. You will be notified to remind you to attend.

Thanking you for your interest.
Membership Secretary
Royal Cape Yacht Club

Membership Contact Details

Membership Secretary

Micky Vande Pitte


Phone: 021-421-1354

Fax: 021-421-6028

Contact Membership Office
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