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Message From The General Manager

Message from the General Manager


This is the question on everyone’s minds, WhatsApps, emails and phone calls! Patience dear sailors, we will get there!

Everyone has got very excited about the latest SAMSA notice and seem to think we can go sailing again. Here are the facts.

1. SAMSA has issued Marine Notice 31 that allows Sport and Recreational Sailing at Level 3.

2. The Department of Sport have not published new regulations yet and therefore only professional sport and training is allowed.  We do not know when the new regulations will be published and gazetted.  SAS are working with Department of Sport to push for the new regulations to include amateur sailing in level 3 lockdown.

3. Port Control do not currently allow us to move through the harbour for recreational sailing.  Once the Dept. of Sport allows us to sail, we will need to work with TNPA Port Control to also allow it.  We are regularly talking to them and when the regulations are clear and officially released, we will approach TNPA for the necessary permissions.

Only once all of the above are in place can we go sailing.  Step 2 is what we are waiting for now.

Another issue is that our Port Access cards are mostly not working.  I ask you all to be patient as TNPA are slowly coming back to the office.  Their security staff are aware of the problem and have advised that they are working on it.  This is an annual problem that we encounter at this time of year and it might take the next few weeks to resolve it.  You do not need to do anything until we notify you otherwise. They have a list of our current membership and said that they are working on it.

Please support our bar and restaurant takeaway service when you are at the Club. We started this week with sales of a selection of liquor on Monday through to Thursday from 10 to 5, and a take away service on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 12 to 5. Next week we will extend our times and review every week.

See you at the Club soon.

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