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New Years Eve 2013/2014

New Years Eve 2013/2014

New Year’s Eve 31 December 2013/ 1st January 2014


This year, the V&A Waterfront has reimagined their annual New Year’s Eve celebration and will make use of Jetty 1 as the central performance area. This introduces the opportunity to move the mass concentration of visitors in the area around the Amphitheatre. Instead, visitors will have the option and opportunity to view performances on the Jetty 1 stage across the water from multiple vantage points. For this reason, we would like to request your co-operation and update you on the procedures for the evening.


This marine notice is promulgated by the Waterfront Harbour Master on the instructions of the V & A Waterfront Risk, Safety and Security Division.


1) To provide a safe environment for all visitors and pedestrians on the Waterfront property, and to ensure all safety zones, fire and emergency access routes remain fully operational.

2) To ensure safe navigation in the V&A Marina, Victoria and Alfred Basins and Harbour Approaches.

Swing Bridge and Bascule Bridge

These two bridges will only open for yachts and boating movements at 20h00 and again at 22h00 to allow vessels back into the Marina and Alfred basin

The next opening will be at 23h00; any vessels at sea after 23h00 will only be able to enter the Marina and Alfred Basin after 01h30.

“Marina and Canal Lock”

The “Marina and Canal Lock” is closed to boating on 31st December 2013 and        1st January 2014.

Main Breakwater

All vessels are reminded that it is illegal to be closer than 300 meters to any fireworks display.

Victoria Basin

No unauthorized boats will be allowed to enter the quay 4 and 5 areas between the hours of 17h00 and 02h00

Firing of Distress Flares

Skippers and Owners of vessels are reminded of the consequences of firing flares illegally. The firing of flares within the V&A Marina, Alfred and Victoria Basins will be investigated and prosecution proceedings will be instituted.

Yachts/Boat Licenses & Skippers Tickets

Owners and Skippers are reminded that they must ensure that their vessel licenses are valid for night operations. Drinking and skippering a vessel is an offence, and you are reminded that the SAPS Water Police will be on duty over the period.

Emergency Berth

Should a vessel require an emergency berth for any reason, they are to proceed to the Robben Island jetty outside at the Clock Tower.

Charter fleet

All charter boats are to refrain from leaving their berths between 20h40 and 21h15 and again at 22h15.


The Waterfront Harbour Master Team wishes all Boat Owners and Skippers a happy New Year, and may we work together successfully in the new year.


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