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Cape To St Helena 2018

Cape to St Helena 2018

The fleet report into the Sailing Office every morning with their position as at 10:00 (SA Time)

Leader board Day 1 27/12/18

Sea state is still a little rough.  A good few cases of seasickness have been reported.  However all in high spirits.

Leader board Day 2 – 28/12/18

A few boats reported they have landed flying fish on their decks.  One crew in particular decided it didn’t smell to good so refrained from eating it.  There is concern on the one boat their rum levels were running low.   Yellowtail was on the menu on board Compromise last night.

Leader board Day 3   29/12/18

Once again a few of the yachts reported confused seas.  Both Banjo and Compromised mentioned very strong winds last night.   Compromise surfing down some waves at 15knts.   Kevin Webb on board Banjo had his boys going thru a multitude of sail changes which has left both Sarel and Brad a little grumpy with him.   Boet on Carribbean Soul commented he feels as though he has been in the gym for the past 3 days.   Rocket are thoroughly enjoying themselves.  So much so they phoned twice today as they were an hour early with their positioning.   

Leader board Day 4 30/12/18 

The confused seas continue to be a problem for the majority of the fleet.   Rotary Scout retired this morning after suffering forestay problems.  They are headed for Luderitz for repairs.  It is not yet known if they will return to Cape Town or continue onto St Helena to meet the return delivery crew.  We will update once more news has been sent.   From the different reports the crews are settling in and the menus are becoming more extravagant as the days go on, for yellowtail thai curry, pancakes on another boat,  Asante are excited that they are starting to cook.   Dale onboard Yolo has reported he is still sailing in conservative mode.  Asante and Indaba are currently neighbours in this vast ocean.   

Leader board Day 5  31/12/2018 

With the line from the entrants been alive with New Years Cheers to all their supporters and family members.  Bubbly on ice on certain boats, invites to NYE Festivities in the middle of ocean.   Everyone is in high spirits.  Pizza making reported on Carribbean Soul.  Great excitement as Felix and Carribbean Soul got to see each other they had a great chat on the radio this morning.   It seems as though it is washing day for a lot of the crews today as well.   Happy New to you all, may 2019 be an exciting one with loads more adventures on the sea.  

Leader board Day 6  01/01/2019 

Happy New Year to you all.   Some yachts had a sit down dinner around the table with smart shirts and ties, others toasted the new year in with a rum and coke.  A night of more sail damage.  Others are really looking forward to a hot bath when they reach land.   The spirits are still high as they continue to tick off the miles.  

Leader board Day 7 02/01/2019 

7 Days in an Banjo have under 300nm to go to the finish line.   Some sound advice from one of the yachts is do not go shopping without your spectacles  – as you will land up with conditioner rather than shampoo.   Asante reported catching some fish, and recording the 3rd longest distance / per day.   

Leader board Day 8   03/01/2019 

The handicaps have come into play again .. with the leaderboard changing today.  The finish line is near for Banjo   – at the time of reporting they had under 100nm to go.  Sadly they wont beat the record, however they are still on target to beat their on personal record’- which stands at 9days .   It’s birthday time on board Carpe Diem today as Joshusa Herne turns 15.   Both the crews on board Asante and Banjo have mentioned their gourmet dinners that have been served.   Compromise have predicted they will finish on Saturday.

Leader board Day 9 04/01/2019

Last night saw Banjo cross the finsih line, and then Rocket this morning.   Naledi had just under 100nm to go at 10:00am.  Felix’s comment was he cant see the island yet.   Carpe Diem can smell home so they are getting excited.  Ronin managed to tear their spinnaker yet again in the early hours of this morning.  Compromise is praying for more wind. 

Leader board Day 10  05/01/2019 

Naledi crossed the finish line at 00: 32:05 (SA time ) this morning. Well sailed Felix and his crew.  A report from Boet on Caribbean Soul :  It was the most frustrating night so far. Most yachtsman have encountered a little fellow called MURPHY. He is a little fellow about 6 inches high. He mostly visits at night. Although he is small he carries a large toolbox with all the things needed to cause havoc. So far he managed to undo shackles, cut through sheets, explode mainsheet blocks etc. Last night he even managed to wrap some unidentified stuff around our keel just to be different He shuts the gen set off at will so we do not have ice for our cocktails at night. Last night he even managed to spray salt water in various electrical switches so we had a bit of a power issue. I do have to report though that we caught him this morning and have ungracefully exterminated him. I think he was after the ice-cream in the freezer. So we are going to have pancakes now with ice-cream. It’s overcast and still light so lots of concentration needed. Boet & Crew.  JML Rotary Scout departed Luderitz yesterday and is heading for St Helena.  Even though they are no longer in the race – their position and mileage can still be seen on the xtra-track website.  

Leaderboard Day 11 06/01/2018 

Great excitment from the supporters camp this morning as our solo sailor Dale Kushner on board YOLO crossed the finish line.  Today there well me be flurry of finishes, with Caribbean Soul, Felix, Ronin and Indaba all having less than 100nm to go.   Asante spent a night bobbing on the ocean with absolutely no wind, all rather frustrating for everyone on board.   Here’s to a day of good wind for them.  

Overall Results  Day 12  07/01/2019 

With that the race is over!  St Helena Yacht Club were certainly kept busy yesterday with remaining boats finishing.  Asante finished just before 1am this morning.  By all accounts the crews are having a fantastic time on the island.   The Banjo team have been given the honorary “Saints” status.   Well done to everyone who took part.  To those who have tracked the race  – why not consider Rio 2020?  





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