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Sailing Office News 

Although, at the time of writing, we still do not have permission to sail, we believe it is not far off.  The Department of Sport and Recreation referred the Sailing Sports Plan back to SA Sailing for a few revisions. These were done and the plan was resubmitted.

A staff member at the department reported they had received over 700 applications rather than the 61 they expected. Some sport codes did not apply through their national body, but each club applied individually clogging up the system.

RCYC staff are receiving Covid compliance training from SA Sailing and will be fully prepared to get us all out on the water.

The government has made it clear that in order to meet their requirements, club premises may only be open to registered professional athletes.  Fortunately, by all being members of SA Sailing we comply with this requirement and this is also why the club is only open to members at the moment.

Please log into the SA Sailing site and ensure your details are correct and your subs are paid up.  Those over 70 years of age do not need to pay.  The club can be legally held liable if there is an outbreak of Covid-19 and it is shown that people from outside this allowed group were present.

A document that you will need to fill in, in order to keep track of all those who sail on your boat will be available from RCYC reception.  If you have been to a restaurant recently you will have completed a similar register.

By now you are all aware of the NSRI SafeTrx app that you need to use when you go sailing.  Please ensure you record the Sailing Office mobile (064 652 6316) as one of your Emergency contacts in the app.  This way the club knows at all times exactly who is at sea.

None of us enjoy all this bureaucracy, but for the next while we will just have to comply, if we want to be able to do the sport we all love so much.  There has already been one Covid-19 death at the club and we should all be very aware of how dangerous the disease can be, especially considering how many of our members are over 60 years of age.

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