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The Department of Sport’s timing could not be better. Just as a big cold front hits Cape Town, they give us the thumbs up to go sailing again. Bureaucracy is never simple and there are a number of requirements the Department has stipulated, one of the most important stipulations is that you are required to be a SAS member.  On your SAS profile – you need to complete the SA Sailing Athlete Status Confirmation. Click here to register online. 

RCYC was the first club to get a compliance certificate from SAS and Transnet have also given us permission to travel through the harbour again. Transnet have made it clear we must comply with all government directives related to Covid-19.

Those boats whose CoFs expired during lockdown need to renew them as the extension granted by SAMSA no longer applies.  Please make sure you take note of the following SAMSA regulations, especially the need to email the documents in advance: Safety Inspections of recreational vessels for a CoF are now allowed under Level 3 of Lockdown (see Marine Notice 31 of 2020).

It is the responsibility of the owner or his representative to prepare the vessel for the safety inspection. To minimise the transmission of Covid-19, SAMSA have imposed additional safety precautions during lockdown. You are required to prepare for the safety inspection as described in the Covid-19 CoF Safety Inspection Declaration.

These forms can be downloaded from the SAS website along with the relevant safety inspection check sheet. Go to “What we do” and then “Vessel Listing and Safety”.

The Safety Inspection Declaration specifies the documents that must be emailed to the Safety Officer at least 24 hours before the safety inspection.  That includes the front two sheets of the Safety Inspection Check Sheet.  Please remember that the Safety Officer is not permitted to do the safety inspection if he has not received these documents in advance.  Your boat will not be insured if you do not have a CoF.

The hull inspection is a requirement of SAMSA and needs to be done before the end of the year.  From 1 January 2021 onwards you will not be able to renew your CoF unless a hull inspection has been done.  The safety inspectors have asked that you do not leave this until the last minute.

The earliest we will be able to hold an organised event of any sort will be in August.  The Sailing Office is working on a revised calendar and we will let you know what this will look like as soon as possible.

See new Regulations here.

See attached confirmation letter from Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture.


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