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SAS submitted the Sports Plan for Sailing to the Department of Sport and Recreation last week. The deadline for all non-contact sports to submit their plans is Friday 26 June.  The department will review our plan and then let us know when we can sail and if there are any additional requirements they have to allow sailing.  Right now we simply have to be patient and look at the bigger picture.

As we know Sailing will be a little different for a while, as we need to adopt safe practices in terms of social distancing, hand washing and sanitising.  One of the things that will change is the process of signing in and out of the marina.  You will no longer write in the physical book, but instead make use of the NSRI SafeTrx app.

Please make sure you download the free app from Google Play or Apple App Store.  You can visit this site for full details about the app and how to use it –  The app has numerous advantages over the old method, the main one being that you are tracked during your sail.   Hence if you need assistance from the NSRI, they will immediately know your exact location.  You can also set up an Emergency Contact who will be notified if you fail to return to your mooring on time.  When you set off for a sail, you will also need to record the number of people on board.


Is the RSA SafeTrx app free to use?

The RSA SafeTrx app is free to download from Apple’s App store and the Google Play store. Once downloaded, boaters can run unlimited free Trips using the RSA SafeTrx app.

Is the RSA SafeTrx app available for Windows Smartphones?

There are currently no plans to make the SafeTrx app available on the Microsoft Windows platform due to its limited mobile market share.  SafeTrx has focused the app to serve the more dominant mobile platforms, Android and iPhone. SafeTrx continually monitor the mobile market share and if the Microsoft Windows platform gains a significant share, SafeTrx will consider adding this platform.

Why can’t I use the RSA SafeTrx app on an Android tablet?

The RSA SafeTrx Android application is not available on extra-large screens such as tablets devices. The app is primarily a smartphone application and is therefore designed to fit such screen sizes and take advantage of the native features on the phone. Unlike the iPad, specific tablet layouts are required on Android and as such do not scale the application to provide a sufficient user experience.

If you have an Android smartphone with an operating system of 4.2 and above, you will be able to install the SafeTrx app from the Google Play Store. Alternatively, if you have an iPhone with iOS 8 and above, please download the app from the Apple App Store.

Do I have to change the settings of my smartphone? 

Yes, Location Services (under Privacy) have to be switched on to capture your position data. Also, Mobile Data have to be switched on in order to send the data to the central RSA SafeTrx system. Data roaming is also required if you are using the app overseas.

Allowing the use of Contact information from your phone is advised for easy registration of Emergency contacts. Access to your camera or photo library if you want to save or update a photo of your craft. Please also accept Notifications to receive notification alerts from RSA SafeTrx.


How do I register?

RSA SafeTrx App users are required to register their contact, vessel and emergency contact details through the app. The database that stores this information is hosted and managed by the National Sea Rescue Institute –

How will my personal details be used?

We will use your personal information in accordance with the RSA’s Privacy Statement, for the purposes for which it is collected, to provide you with services, and (subject to your consent) for marketing purposes. Please see our privacy policy statement

How can I change my username or password?

On the Boater website (, click on “I forgot my password” button and enter your email address. RSA SafeTrx will send you an email containing a password reset link, click on that link to reset your password.

Where can I manage my user profile?

You can view and edit your RSA SafeTrx account details here –

Within the RSA SafeTrx Boater Website, you can:

  • Change your personal contact information
  • Register, edit and view your vessel details
  • Change your password details
  • Set up and edit your emergency contacts
  • View & delete your journey history
  • View Terms and Conditions, Privacy and Disclaimer policies

Lufthansa Twilight

Due to technical glitch yesterday we were unable to do the Lufthansa Lucky Draw for the two Premium  Economy tickets.   Hold on to your seats,  we will be doing the draw on Friday the 26th June and will announce the winner on all social media platforms.

The Sailing Office would also like to make a special mention of our fabulous four Lufthansa Twilight Bridge Crew Volunteers.  Without the Famous four, Martina Medina, Diane Brown, Andre Fredricks and Marie Saunders, the sailing office would battle to run the series smoothly.  From the bottom of our hearts we would like to thank you for your assistance, support and entertainment….  What an amazing Team.  We look forward to once again working with you soon.


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