Meet Damian Abrahams, Senior Duty Manager.

Can we trust anyone whose favourite food is “afval” (tripe) potjiekos? When this person is also the appointed Braai Master at his home in Grassy Park, the picture becomes clear and a general love for preparing traditional food surfaces.

Damian started with the yacht club in 1997, at the tender age of 21 years.  24 years later, he is still the oil that keeps the Front of House wheel turning in the Tavern of the Seas Restaurant. Club members know him as our Senior Duty Manager, always ready with a chat and a smile.  In the morning members and staff are greeted with a cheerful “As-Salaam-Alaikum” / “Peace be unto you” while he fires up the cappuccino machine for the first breakfast customer.

If there is a drinks promotion for our members, it is more than likely the work of Damian whose creative mind is quick to spot an opportunity. For a guy who works with alcoholic beverages all day long, his taste is simple – “beer is my go-to drink, nothing else or stronger.”

This dedicated family man and grandfather may have mean-looking tattoos on his arms, but they tell the story of his wife and three lovely girls, as well life-changing moments and dates in his life.  After all, how tough can a guy be with two dogs, a cat, budgies and pet fish? That’s our guy!

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