On the 22nd of August the Academy had its inaugural graduation, this time we were celebrating the achievement of those learners who were part of the TETA programme, which ran over 2 years benefiting in total, thirty students. An interesting fact, it costs about R78 000 a year to train and upskill one student in our Academy and they only come once a week. We worked out that it’s more expensive than most of our country’s top private schools and universities. Yet those learners in private schools and universities definitely get more out of their education than any of our learners and definitely have more opportunities waiting for them.

Thank you to all who attended our graduation ceremony, thank you to TETA who believed in our programme and supported us. Thank you to the committee that puts its weight behind me. Thank you to Sibu Sizatu our senior instructor who has managed to train so many kids without a single injury.  You are a gem man and thank you to Jennifer Burger my Anchor.

We have an Academy Centre that we want to build, a Centre that will be a place where all youth can congregate, socialize, learn and feel a sense of belonging within our Club. I am looking for funding everywhere for this Centre.  We have a Rio campaign that we must accomplish.  I am currently pushing government to give me more funding so that we can take more learners. Support us where you can. You may not see what I see. All I ask of you is to have a little hope. Have hope that our course is true, our crew is capable and our boat will get us there…

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