RCYC has partnered with the Two Oceans Aquarium for the 2023 Cape2Rio race. Our goal is to use the reach of the race to raise awareness about the oceans and the stresses they are under from pollution.

The Aquarium is doing incredible work in rehabilitating turtles. The most famous turtle is Yoshi who swam more than 40,000 km over 3 years after being released. He travelled from Cape Town to Angola, back to Cape Town and then to Australia.

The Turtle Rescue Rehab and Release programme cares for little, stranded hatchlings who have drifted down in the Agulhas current, as well as larger injured turtles that have been hit by boats or ingested plastic. The programme is world-renowned and has an 85% success rate.

In order to fund this rehabilitation work they are offering the opportunity to sponsor a hatchling. The cost of the sponsorship is R5000 for a full sponsorship or R2500 for a partial sponsorship. Full sponsorship gives you full naming rights while partial sponsorship allows you to give the hatchling either a first name or a surname.

It would be wonderful if our members could support this initiative. We would like to challenge the regular crews of boats to club together and adopt a turtle and then name the turtle after their boat.

Click here for more info on how to adopt a hatchling. You will receive a certificate similar to this one.

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