RCYC Academy receives SAS accreditation

The SA Sailing National Training Programme is delivered to the sailing public nationally via its network of Recognised Training Centres (RTC’s).  The SA Sailing recognition process is the guarantee to sports participants and other stakeholders that strict safety measures and all other necessary requirements are in place at all Recognised Training Centres.

An RTC is where the facilities, training methods and programmes used are conducted by persons employed and trained to deliver the respective NTP courses, meets SA Sailing inspection criteria and have been granted the status of an RTC by SA Sailing.

SA Sailing recognition means that an RTC has met the high standards of the annual inspection in the areas of programme content, programme delivery and safety compliance verifications. SA Sailing RTC Inspectors are also trained to look for ways to add value to a RTC’s operation. An RTC is then recognised to offer sail training by implementing the programme applicable to their centre as per SA Sailing National Training Plan framework.

The benefits of SA Sailing recognition include:

  • The ability to train and assess students for the SA Sailing courses for which they are recognised to teach
  • The right to issue SA sailing certificates to students that have completed a competency level.
  • Access to fully qualified SA Sailing instructors and trainers and examiners.
  • Access to a range of trade discounts for training equipment and publications
  • A licence to use the SA Sailing Training branding
  • Clubs that are active SA Sailing RTC’s have a higher priority if applying for Sports and Lottery grants
  • Annual & Regional SA Sailing Training conferences which offer Principals and instructors of all levels the opportunity to keep abreast of current issues and discuss developments
  • RTC details and programmes offered are marketed on SA Sailing website and brochures
  • The ability to offer the SA Sailing Training Scheme may attract new members to RTCs that are also membership clubs.

We are pleased to announce that the Royal Cape Yacht Club Sailing Academy has been officially recognised as a SA Sailing Recognised Training Centre. The Academy is therefore now able to offer a SAS accredited Learn to Sail program for our new sailors, which in turn is recognised by World Sailing.

The RCYC Academy team is pictured here with SAS Instructor Developer, Neil Ashton, during the final inspection, standing in the middle of the group.




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