RCYC Cares – Update

An amazing initiative from the the Cruising fleet resulted in 125 Xmas presents for 6 years olds being delivered to RCYC.  A creche in Khayelitsha was identified as the recipients of these parcels and members of the Sailing Office and the Academy delivered them today.  Randall, who drives the Academy kids in and out of Khayelisha was our trusty escort.

The children are already on holiday so it was a very quiet space that we delivered to.  The school is constructed out of containers and appeared to be a neat, efficient and happy place.  Ma Vivian Zilo, the principal will be handing out the gifts on Monday at a special Xmas party for the children. She has assured us that she will send us pictures of the occasion. We look forward to working with Iliso Care Society next year and hopefully make many more children happy over the Christmas period.

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