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Today see the start of the West Coast Offshore Race proudly sponsored by Novamarine and North Sails. This race was started by Rob Meek in 2012, then called the Overnight Race, and still runs true to his wishes for more Offshore racing and night sailing.

We have 19 Yachts entered in this year’s race,  The starting line will be in Table Bay in the vicinity of the port entrance, and the finishing line will be in  Saldanha Bay in the vicinity of SBYC. The turning mark for Class A & B will be in Elands Bay, and for Class C in Stompneus Bay, giving nominal race lengths of 180NM and 130NM respectively. The scheduled time for the warning signal for Class B & C is 08h55, and for Class A is 11h55.  you can track the progress of the yachts on

Last week we received a very concerning call regarding flares being thrown into the waste bins at the Yacht Club.  Did you know that this is a criminal offense?  Please take the time to read  the information below from Novamarine regarding flares.

Where to with old flares?

Firing a flare into the sky – be it a floater, sinker, or hand-held device – could mean life or death when in distress out at sea.  But where do you take expired flares?  The fire department is not the answer.

Most flares have a use-by date of three years and they must be replaced before the expiry date in accordance with Coast Guard requirements.  Typically, this means that you must replace your flares every three boating seasons.  But some flares could expire within a year – meaning that they must be replaced sooner rather than later.  Always read the instructions on the flares and make sure that you understand the manufacturer’s directions before storing flares on your boat.  Speak to the salesperson at Novamarine who will advise you on the correct usage of your flare, the expiry and replacement date and any other safety features that you need to be aware of.

The guidelines are important to adhere to even though a flare cannot simply malfunction or become a hazard.  What happens is that over time the brightness of the flare diminishes, so it is vitally important to ensure that you have your flares checked and replaced regularly.

Should you accidentally discharge your flares, treat them the same as you would treat fireworks:  soak them in a bucket of water for at least 15 minutes or longer, wrap them in plastic and then either return them to us at Novamarine so that we can replace them, or place them in a recycle bin for plastics – make sure that only the plastic housing remains and all other powder has been removed.  The water needs to be dumped on gravel or grass – not down a sink or storm drain where it could pollute our water source.

Flares are very dangerous and can cause severe injuries, they burn at a melting point of steel and contain toxic chemicals.

Novamarine will take your old flares when you purchase your replacement flares from us.  We ensure that they are stored correctly until it is time for them to be condemned and destroyed.  The other alternative is to contact the Western Cape Bomb Squad in Pinelands who will take in expired flares – 021 506 2201.

Contact the Novamarine sales team for further information:
Garon Reynolds – 083 450 3262
Ebrahim Hendricks – 081 324 7875

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