Tsiba by Lindani Mchunu

On the 28th of October the Academy team went to the TSIBA Business Leadership School. We were invited to come and speak about our Academy and our club. What was interesting is that when the CEO of the organization asked the learners in attendance, there were about 20 of them, by show of hands, whether they had ever heard of the Royal Cape Yacht Club or its Sailing Academy before, none of the learners put up their hands.

State of the art facilities at TSIBA business school

These learners have a state-of-the-art facility and have laptops and WIFI in school. The other interesting aspect of all this, is TSIBA is but a stone’s throw away from the Yacht Club, we are separated by a freeway. TSIBA is on lower main road Woodstock. It was the first time these kids heard of sailing or saw black people who can sail.  All the things we spoke about were completely new to their ears.

Lindani Mchunu speaks to the TSIBA students

We, as an Academy, are looking at forming a long-term relationship with TSIBA (tsiba is a Xhosa word which means to “jump”).  We want some of our sailors to gain valuable education from their institution and they want their leaners to learn the invaluable lessons of the sea.

Today I would like to remind all of us, myself included, of how lucky we are to have what we have. Every time I bring someone to the Yacht Club they are blown away by the incredible line of boats and the view. They always tell me, “Lindani you are the Luckiest Black Guy in the world”. Indeed there are times I have felt that way.

TSIBA students and RCYC Academy team

What a beautiful place our club is. I never get over it. I take pictures of it to this day. Today I would like to just simply say to you, remember how lucky we are and don’t forget to come down to the club, sit by the deck and take it all in, just because you can. Sail as much as you can, because oh man, what a privilege it is. Most importantly remember to spread the good news.

See you on the water.

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