What a year and what a week!  After the ups and downs of the Covid year the Academy has managed to end on a high.  After the school exams the last three of our students completed their Competent Crew course under the guidance of Sibu Sizatu.  The course is three days long and the aim is to make sure that all lessons learned and skills gained throughout the year are consolidated.  This week we have two more students doing their Day Skippers theory and on completion of their practical exam 45% of the current Academy students will have their Day Skippers Ticket!

The Academy also said farewell to Momelezi Funani.  Mo joined the Academy as a student in 2017 and took the opportunity to create a position for himself in the Academy in admin and as student communicator.  He was invaluable as a coordinator with the students and excelled with his fresh ideas and enthusiasm.  He is an excellent example of what we are trying to achieve at the Academy.  He used the opportunity to learn and to grow and is now launching out on his own.  We wish him well in his new endeavours.

The Academy is an invigorating place to work in and the team are constantly on the move with new ideas and new projects.  We thank you for your continued interest in what we do.  We look forward to 2021!

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