Sailing Office news – Lufthansa Twilight Series Results

Lufthansa Twilight Series Prize Giving was scheduled for the 18th of March, but due to the lockdown we have unfortunately not been able to all meet up, celebrate and hand out the trophies and prizes to the winners of the series.  As we still don’t know when we will all be able to be together to celebrate and thank  Lufthansa, we have attached the results of the Lufthansa Twilight Series here for you.

We would like to congratulate all the winners in each Class.  Your prizes are waiting for you at the Club along with the trophies.  We would love it if one person from each boat could come and collect their prizes and trophies and we will be in contact with you to arrange this.

The next questions I think on everyone’s mind is  “Who is going to be the lucky winner of the Premier Lufthansa Tickets?”  Yes, Lufthansa are honouring their sponsorship and we will be having the Lucky Draw for the tickets next week on Friday. We will do a live draw on Facebook…stayed tuned and we will confirm the time so you can all be part of the excitement of the draw for the Premier Lufthansa Tickets.

We would like to thank Lufthansa for their support and sponsorship over the last few years and we are particularly grateful that in these tough times they are still honouring their agreement with Royal Cape Yacht Club.  As we all know the Lufthansa Twilight Series is the most popular series we have at the Club and Lufthansa has supported and sponsored this event since 2013.  Thank you Jeffrey Harrison and Martina Popkiss for all your support, friendship and for being part of the Royal Cape Yacht Club family.


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