Melvine Moses, Housekeeper.

RCYC has a bunch of magic workers who behind the scenes make sure that the restaurant is squeaky clean long before you enjoy your first cappuccino of the day. The bathroom smelling of roses and a dash of sanitiser, is also due to their commitment. Meet the youngest of housekeeping team members, Melvine Moses.

Out of her team, which includes Jacqui Malenga and ‘aunty’ Shamiela Fortuin, Melvine is the one blessed with the gift of the gab, and you will often hear her scolding the youngsters who leave big pools of water behind them, en-route to the men’s change rooms.

Melvine was born on an apple farm in Grabouw and spent her primary school days there, before moving to Cape Town in Standard 6 (Grade 8). She is fond of her Afrikaans soapies and you will find her glued in front of the TV with her husband and baby daughter Iris, when programmes such as “Deur dik en dun” or “As die skoen jou pas” air on E-Extra channel.

Do not offer Melvine Biryani or Dahl for dinner – this is really on her least favourite things to eat list. Her dream dinner date is with Chris Brown or Usher, both talented singers, with them serenading her while she is enjoying her favourite T-bone steak.

She lives her life by two great quotes:  ”There is always light at the end of the tunnel” and “God will never give you anything that you can’t cope with.”

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