Meet Sazi Zoyikelo – Receptionist.

Like a good strong coffee every morning, Sazi is part of our daily ritual – he is the first hello and last goodbye of every day. As RCYC Receptionist, his wide smile is a welcome sight to Club members who need information about the Club and its activities. To staff he is a treasure trove of info, always available to assist with admin matters.

Originally from the Eastern Cape, Sazi moved to Cape Town in 2010 after his matric year, and took up a position as Registration Marshall at CPUT. Fast forward a few years and we have Sazi working as a casual in the Sailing department during an Opening Cruise. He ends up loving it so much that he immediately applies for the vacancy at reception when told by one of the Club members.

Not one to be scared of challenges, Sazi has his vision set high – he is studying towards an Accountancy diploma and dreams of one day becoming a Financial Advisor in a Bank.

Samp and beans are his favourite home-cooked meal, but no one does it as well as mom, and they often have this at family gatherings. At work his favourite meals include ribs and a juicy T-bone.

Ladies, take note that he is single, loves choral music and is a snappy dresser. When he has free time, he loves watching movies and socialising with friends. A white Mustang and a trip to New York are on his bucket list.

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