Meet RCYC Sous Chef Justin Zietsman.

When RCYC Sous Chef Justin Zietsman is not in the kitchen, he is on the beach. Usually with a fishing rod in his hand and a smile on his face – this is his happy space. He loves traveling up the West Coast, with a special place in his heart for Langebaan.

After two years of working at the Club Justin finally got the opportunity for a sailing as he was invited to joined the Thunderchild crew during Twilight racing. “I really enjoyed it – it’s quite exciting to see what actually goes on when the boats are out on the water racing and the skipper gives instructions – pretty much like what happens in the kitchen when the chef calls orders and the team work together to get the food out.”

38-year old Justin is a stew guy – traditional stews are his favourite and he loves anything made with cabbage. Covid has put a bit of a halt to his romantic plans, but he is engaged and hopes to tie the knot soon. “Now that I know what sailing is about, I hope I can say my ”I Do” on a yacht.”

We wanted to know from Justin what he would take with him if he gets stranded on an island and can just take one item along. Without missing a beat he answered: “My fishing rod, of course. It will keep me busy and I won’t go hungry.”

Just what we want to hear from a chef!

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