Today we meet Academy student – Sive Maholwana – and hear from him what has made him fall in love with sailing.

I first heard of sailing from a family friend named Sethu.  He came to house at hokisa and he started speaking about the sport of sailing and I was interested. So I wanted to learn more about sailing and Sethu explained what it was and the more he told the more I was interested.

So I asked him if I could join him one Saturday morning and once I was there I never wanted to leave.  It was an amazing experience and I’ve been coming back ever since.

Being in the water is really a relieving experience and the more time I spent on the Makatini boat, the more I learnt about sailing.

I learnt of things I never new existed and after a long commitment to the sport of sailing I got the feel of the boat.

Me and a couple of people got to go to the STCC maritime course, which was amazing and that’s my story with sailing.

It’s a good story

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